Day 2-Reunions

2/365: Beijing Subway StairwayBeijing Subway Staircase/#2/D7000/Beijing, China

DSC_0919 DSC_0929 DSC_0937 DSC_0941Yesterday was a day of reunions. Friends from the past, some from Beijing, others from different parts of my life. It is a weird situation, listening to summations of each others’ lives over the last few years in the course of a couple of hours. It puts things into perspective, but also drives me to create more significance in my life. My life is so much more than a few lines regarding tests, clinical years, and a few other experiences scattered between.

There is also a nostalgic aspect to reunions. You remember the past, the times that brought you together, the common threads between your lives. A the end of the at the end of these reunions I have an amazing chance. My friends and I can construct more connections and memories.

This year in China is about seizing the day. I plan to do just that.


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