Day 24-30, A week in Review

24/365: Trapped
Trapped/#24/D7000/Cancer Institute/Panjiayuan/Beijing, China
25/365: Succulent Shot
  Succulent Shot/#25/D7000/Beijing Hutongs/Beijing, China
26/365: Motherly Care
Motherly Care/#26/D7000/Gulou Hutongs/Beijing, China
27/365: Crashing a Sanlitun Photoshoot
  Crashing a Sanlitun Photo shoot/#27/D7000/Sanlitun/Beijing, China
28/365: Killing Time
Killing Time/#28/D7000/Beijing Subway/Beijing, China
29/365: Parallel Lights
  ParallelLights/#29/D7000/Red Brick Art Museum/Beijing, China

30/365: Soho Abstract

Soho Abstract/#30/D7000/Sanlitun Soho/Beijing, China

What a week. Almost everyday I experience something new. I have an amazing friend who once told me that when you’re on the right path you can feel it. I feel it. The amazing people, the people with coinciding interests, the conversations, my growth in photography, I feel at home. Within the last week I’ve attended a conversation between young global health professionals, each trying to make their mark in a variety of unique ways. Each doing work that is really astounding and groundbreaking. When I talk about my own research, and they look at me with mutual respect, and I know I need to work even harder. Being able to interface with these individuals regarding my views, my opinions; I left the conversation beaming and with new friends.

My research has continued to progress. I’ve almost finished each component of my IRB application. Just need to finish a few more pages of work, get it reviewed by my mentors, make necessary changes, translate it into Chinese, and submit for approval. Things are becoming realities. My ideas from 2 years ago are becoming real. Everyday I get a little closer. Everyday another word is written. Everyday, I am closer to impacting women’s lives all across china.

As part of my work in China I got to attend the 2014 APEC Cervical cancer prevention and control workshop in China. Eleven nations throughout the APEC region came together to try and put together an action plan to help solve the issue of cervical cancer in this region of the world. Hearing from different countries on their strategies and difficulties in treating their respective population was incredibly interesting and enlightening. It also reaffirmed what I initially believed all along, just because Americans and the western world continue to believe that Asia is much better off than the likes of Africa and Latin America, that is simply not the truth. In Japan, less than 50% of the women in that country are screened for cervical cancer. Japan, has not approved the HPV vaccine for administration to young girls and boys. Japan, one of the most developed countries in the world, does not give its young women the services necessary to keep them from needlessly dying. That sort of inequality, that disparity is something I want to fight. These sorts of issues exist all of the world. The fact that so many Americans assume that because you have a strong economy and you’re not in Africa must mean you’re healthcare system must be good That is just a lie.

The collaboration though, the brainstorming, these experts in their respective countries coming together and attempting to provide uniform consensus to help each member state advance their own health was amazing. As a medical student in the infancy of my career, it was inspiring.

Outside of work though, I’ve been to art museums, I’ve eaten great food, and I’ve made great friends. I can’t ask for more. I’m incredibly blessed and everyday I realize more and more just how lucky I am to be here in Beijing. Thank you.


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